• Sarah Elgatian

Welcome to rah's blog!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Thanks for visiting my website. I'm feeling a little naked right now while I work on setting up but I wanted to have a little post here to thank you for coming. In the very near future I'll have a couple of categories of blog: personal / DIY life on the cheap (or free!) for folks with no free time / literary stuff. This is the scariest part of the site for me because I like to have about 14 editors and a six month minimum before my words go public, but I've also long wanted a space where I can 1) show folks how to DIY home things 2) promote artists I love and 3) talk about *issues*.

I'm not planning to update this on a schedule yet, so don't hold your breath. Go check out my other pages. They're more interesting.

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