• Sarah Elgatian

Launching The Canon Project

Like everyone else who has studied English literature (likely anyone who has studied literature, but I'm a Westerner, so I can't say for sure) I have often butted heads against the Western literary canon. So I decided to edit it, revise it, cut/copy/paste/search+replace it.

But it would be really freaking weird if a single Iowan with only her own experiences were the person to claim authority and undertake the whole process as if she were the ultimate expert.

But (but!) here's the thing: The Old White Men In Ivory Towers also don't have the authority--they just convinced us they do.

So I'm asking for your help. Click that "Canon Project" button in the upper-left corner of the page and check out my little baby draft. Then, if you feel so moved, contribute and share. (I'll probably post this on social media eventually, I'm guessing the tag will be #NewCanon or #TheCanonProject PS there's links to my twitter and instagram at the bottom of the page, too.)

<3 rah

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